Angelynn Hermes, LCSW


“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

-Michael Cunningham

I support those struggling with intimacy, trauma, stress, relationships, and sex to heal and build the lives and relationships they long for.

If you have experienced trauma, chronic stress, or loss, you may wonder if the impact of events from the past will ever fade. You may have all the right pieces in place but still feel unhappy, worthless, lonely, lost, angry, or constantly stressed. Boundaries, feeling connected to others, or getting needs met in relationships or work may feel impossible. I'm here to journey alongside you as we work together to determine what healing, wellness, and growth look like for you and how to reach them.

My practice continues to focus as it has for the past seven years on centering the needs of survivors of sexual abuse, interpersonal violence, family violence, and oppression. I offer EMDR, somatics, DBT, depth and relational psychotherapy to address the harmful impacts of trauma and relationship difficulties, nurture resiliency, and access experiences of pleasure, joy, and healthy, right relationship. I prioritize being a sex worker-friendly and queer and trans-friendly practice, and offer a sliding scale for private pay, as well as accepting CalVCB, as payment for therapy.